2018 Kentucky Derby Festival Committee Blazers


  We worked very closely with the Louisville, Kentucky designer Andre Wilson of Style Icon group in the development & manufacture of these award winning jackets for the Derby Festival committee.

  Andre designed the new logo, selected the color palette & sourced the logo embroidered fabric. Then we went to work developing all the patterns, 2 styles for women & 1 for men.

  We used the best materials available for the internal construction of the jackets & high end trims found in top quality jackets. 

  This was a truly challenging program that stretched our whole team to dig deep into the depths of their cumulative experience to make patterns & to grade them to fit perfectly across a cross section of different body types fitted across various lengths from short, regular & long

  Andre was pushing hard for his delivery as he was worried about the time required to make alterations prior to the Derby event.

  When he received the jackets They fit everyone perfectly. All body types according to their respective sizes. He was so surprised that he didn't need to alter anything.

  That's a testament to the talent & experience of our team of pattern makers & graders.